Possibly moving hosts

I know Dan will probably say “I told you so”, but I’ve been having some problems with my current web host as of late. Until recently, they had good uptime and responded fairly quickly to support tickets, and their prices were very reasonable so I’d recommend them to other people. However, a couple of weeks ago one of their servers went down, taking all my sites with it for nearly 24 hours. Now, I personally am prepared to accept a bit of downtime for things like this, but when you are also hosting professional clients you demand more. Furthermore, my hosts failed to check all my domains/accounts afterwards, leaving me to discover that 4 of them were still offline in one way or another. Needless to say, the fact that it has taken so long to sort this (the last problem was fixed this morning) has somewhat soured my previously high regard for them.

So I will probably be moving hosts sometime in the future, more likely over the summer holidays though because I really can’t be bothered faffing about changing nameservers and the like at the moment. My current hosting expires on Thursday, so I’ll renew it for another year (it’s still very cheap for the amount of space and bandwidth so I might as well keep it for a while longer) and start shopping for hosts. freedom2operate have always done me well in the past with a free account, and they’re looking into the possibility of reseller accounts at the moment.

Eventually I’ll probably end up on virtual hosting, since I’ll need it for Potmaster anyway once it’s up and running properly and I might as well put all my sites on it too if I’m paying for it.

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1 thought on “Possibly moving hosts

  1. I didn’t tell you anything 🙂

    I argued the reasons I moved hosts, it was a decision I took because it was what I wanted, not because I thought you’d want to.

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