All postal votes for the North West

I really should keep up with the news more – I only heard about this at a Conservative meeting tonight.

Via BBC News: Peers back down on postal votes

“The North West will have all-postal voting in the forthcoming local and Euro elections after one of the longest parliamentary wrangles to date.”

Personally, I think it’s ridiculous that the North West is facing these measures, and at such short notice too. There are already three areas in which all out postal voting will take place, which is more than enough for a pilot scheme. You also have to ask yourself why Labour were so keen to push this motion through the House of Lords (this is the sixth time it has been sent to them). Are they frightened of losing seats in their traditional heartland area to the Tories (or even the Liberal Democrats)? I can’t help feeling that there is some ulterior motive to wanting this so badly that they are prepared to send it back and forth between the Commons and the Lords so many times and so close to the elections.

Remember however, that you can still Vote Conservative, regardless of how the ballot papers are distributed. 😉

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