New weblog

Since the people at Upsaid decided to pull the plug on my previous weblog without warning, I’ve placed this new blog up temporarily until I get around to writing my own system to integrate with Rixort.


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6 thoughts on “New weblog

  1. The comments system is kinda weird. It seemts to get cached in firefox, and I can’t see my own comment when i’ve posted it.

    But its good to have something reliable.

    Can you get it to have more of a distinction in stely between the article and comments?

    I know you’re developing your own system, so these are things to remember to make it clearer 🙂

  2. I’ll bear that in mind when I write my own system – I have no idea how to make Greymatter change although I’ll have a look at the templates tonight and see if I can get something working.

  3. As you will probably have noticed, the comments are separate from the articles and also from each other by some whitespace and horizontal lines so it looks a bit clearer.

    As for the caching problem, I’m getting it on Mozilla 1.6 at uni as well. I can’t think what can be the problem – I’ll take a look at the JavaScript that Greymatter is inserting into the code and see if that’s what’s messing things up. Other than that, the pages are static HTML so I can’t think what’s wrong (unless when you redisplay the page it hasn’t been updated).

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