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Happy New Year!

Ok, I know this is technically a few minutes late (due to me being absolutely shattered and travelling all over the place in the last 24 hours), but I wish everyone a Happy New Year for 2005.

Review of the year

Via Jennie and David: Best Local bands seen: Don’t know any local bands. Worst local bands: As above. 🙂 Exotic towns/cities visited: Nowhere, not really one for travelling. Girls I fancied but failed to get anywhere with: Ha ha, wouldn’t…
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RSS feed available

After requests from several people (including Samir), I’ve incorporated an RSS feed into my site. In common with the rest of Rogue Tory, I wrote the code myself rather than finding someone else’s solution—and in fact it wasn’t particularly difficult…
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New blog online

After nearly two days of solid PHP/MySQL coding, I’ve managed to get my new weblog system into a state where it can be used by the general public. It now supports commenting and displaying of entries by year/month/day/individual entries using…
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New machine

After much deliberation and mulling over specifications, I finally went out and bought the components for a new computer. My flatmate Mike helped me assemble it, and it’s now handling DNS requests for my local network at home in Bury,…
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Full speed ahead

Now that I’ve finished for Christmas and have some spare time on my hands, I’ve finally got down to working on my new weblog system properly. Already the main page is done, the archive page is on the way and…
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I’ve just managed to delete my entire Compsoc inbox in one fell swoop by telling mutt to move files from the mail spool to my home directory, and then deleting the mbox file because I thought I’d backed it up….
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New blogging system

I’ve got some spare time this weekend for once (woohoo!), so I’ll hopefully get cracking on my blogging system. I already have the design plotted out and the templating stuff is ready, so it’s mostly a matter of getting posts…
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Comedy store

We went to the Frog and Bucket in Manchester with Warped tonight, and what a good laugh it was. Some of the acts were absolutely awful (fortunately we had one of the three cards to boo people off) but one…
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Into the quarter finals

What a match, with a well-deserved 4-2 victory for England (although in fairness Croatia kept us going right until the last few minutes) pulling back from an initial goal down to go into the quarter finals in style. Once again…
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