Release of FormFillFlatten

I’m pleased to announce the release of FormFillFlatten (FFF), a RESTful web service which allows you to submit a PDF with form fields and the values you want those fields to have. FFF will return a PDF with the form fields completed and ‘flattened’ so that they can no longer be edited. It’s a bit rough round the edges and needs some more documentation, but the code works as-is.

I initially wrote FFF as we need this functionality at work, although I had to put it together out of hours so that there were no issues with releasing the software under the AGPL. However, I would like to expand the functionality as a separate project over the next few months so that more of the iText functionality is available as a web service.

Before you ask: no, I couldn’t be bothered thinking of a more imaginative name. 🙂