Holiday to Alderney

After failing to book a proper holiday since I started my job (most of my weeks off work have been consumed by UKUUG events and other voluntary groups), I have decided to go back to Alderney for five days in October. Apart from being beautiful and quiet, it also has military history (the Germans occupied and fortified it in World War II) and a superb walk around the entire island. It seems to be reasonably well mapped already (coincidentally by another member of UKUUG), but perhaps I can improve on that whilst I’m there.

I feel slightly guilty about flying over, even though it’s the only way to get to the islands (my dream of owning a private yacht has yet to be realised), but perhaps I will go and fix the Wildlife Trust IT systems or something to make up for it. 🙂

Goals before heading off are to get Pub Gateway into a usable state and acquire a camera, so I can add all the pubs on the island on my return. I’m just starting to get to grips with symfony, so hopefully that will speed up the task of getting the bare bones of the site up and running.